The owner of a Bradford diving supply shop has put up a reward for information after the latest in a series of burglaries at the store.

John Womack Snr, owner of Divers Warehouse in Wakefield Road, Dudley Hill, said the raiders on Friday night stole several thousand pounds of specialist equipment.

The store, which has been targeted on several other occasions, has high-tech security and armoured doors and windows, but burglars still managed to gain access.

Now Mr Womack is offering a £500 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the culprits.

He said: “We have CCTV cameras, armour-plated glass and a secured compound area but it would appear the thieves used scaffolding poles from a nearby site to prise off the wire and then to smash the reinforced glass.

“They disabled or knocked off 16 CCTV cameras, but we have some images of the break-in.

“They took about £2,000 of portable wrist computers, which are specialist scuba diving equipment. The computers are used to tell a diver how long he has been under and the depth he is at so he can calculate decompression time.

“They got into the cabinet containing the computers and took them all.”

Mr Womack said it was the latest in a string of incidents at the shop.

In 2005 the business was targeted several times with tens of thousands of pounds of stock taken.

Mr Womack said: “I have just turned 66 and have been self-employed since I was 19 and I’ve never had it as bad as this.”

West Yorkshire Police have appealed to anyone with information about the burglary to contact Bradford South CID on 0845 6060 606.