An unsigned Bradford band has landed a marketing dream and been exposed to millions across America with a song played on a hit television drama.

Acoustic indie rockers Scars On 45 had a song selected to be played over an emotional wedding scene in the American police procedural series CSI: NY.

The band, who are laying the finishing touches on their debut album, say the response they have got from the show has been “hard to get your head around”.

Singer Danny Bemrose, 27, who wrote the featured song, Beauty’s Running Wild, said he was shocked when he heard the news.

The band had been working hard recording the album at their Bradford studio, which had been a longer job than expected.

He said: “While we were recording the album our manager in America started saying he would put some feelers out on American television because it could generate some good money and lessen the load a bit.

“Before Christmas we had a few songs on a new television show on CBS called The Cleaner. “And then out of the blue we just landed this CSI spot at the end of the programme.

“It’s pretty unprecedented really for an unsigned, unheard-of band to get such a spot.”

An estimated ten million viewers across the US saw the scene, due to be aired in the UK in about seven weeks, which features the wedding of two central characters. The song is played over part of the ceremony and a collage of the couple’s relationship.

Danny said: “It’s an old song that initially wasn’t going to go on the album – but obviously now we have been pressured into recording it for the album.”

After the show was aired on Wednesday, the band’s website received 25,000 hits in just two days. Danny said: “It’s gone a bit mental really since it went out. It’s hard to get your head around.”

The band aims to release the album during the summer. In the meantime they aim to keep fans happy by e-mailing free songs. To join the e-mailing list e-mail