A joint operation aims to tackle anti-social behaviour and underage drinking in Bradford.

The operation began on Saturday night in the Holme Wood area.

It involved West Yorkshire Police, Bradford Council, Youth Workers, the Youth Offending Team and voluntary youth activity providers.

Members of the anti-social behaviour unit were also included in the operation, which will continue for the next six weeks.

Areas that have suffered from anti-social behaviour were selected using police intelligence and guidance from Neighbourhood Poli-cing Teams.

These areas include Thornbury, Bradford Moor, Queensbury, Scholemoor and Whetley Hill.

Inspector Esther Hobbs said: “The main aim of Staysafe is to increase public confidence through visible policing.

“We will be looking at offering diversions to the young people, as well as carrying out the enforcement side of the operation.

“Anyone caught drinking underage will have their alcohol confiscated and will be educated about the issues of drinking.

“Antisocial behaviour will be dealt with in a similar way.

“Officers will also gather information to support ASBOs and criminal prosecutions where help is refused.

“We want to help young people who find themselves hanging around on the streets by finding them something alternative to do.”

Councillor Martin Smith said: “The aim of the operation is to reduce youth crime and antisocial behaviour.”

Eric Gibbs, director of Bradford Youth Develop-ment Partnership, said: “People seem to be surprised young people are turning wild, but we are simply leaving them to their own devices. It’s essential we work together to address this problem.”

A number of activities have been arranged, such as midnight ice hockey, football, music and dance events, go-karting and motorcycling.

On Saturday a disco was arranged and transport laid on for up to 100 young people.

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