The Government has dismissed calls for re-opening the case of a Bradford RAF serviceman left 70 per cent disabled by the alleged medical failings of the Ministry of Justice.

Charles Stuart was injured while on duty in Belize in 1991 when a falling oil drum struck his head and injured his neck.

Bradford West Labour MP Marsha Singh told the Commons how the serviceman was treated very shabbily, and since the accident had repeatedly struggled to get accountability from the service for the “systematic neglect” of his neck injury.

Mr Stuart did not receive proper medical attention and the accident was not subject to an investigation, claimed Mr Singh.

He later returned to an RAF base in the UK where he was dismissed and told the problem was in his mind.

It was only after complaining higher up the ranks, Mr Stuart was given an MRI scan which revealed a prolapsed disc in the cervical spine, the MP told the Commons.

A claim for damages against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was mounted and won, and a civilian spine expert operated to remove the damaged disc.

Mr Singh said: “The operation was given only a 30 per cent chance of success, owing to the RAF’s delay in both diagnosis and correct treatment.

“Unfortunately for my constituent, the surgery was not successful and Mr Stuart was invalided out of the RAF in the summer of 1995 after ten years loyal service. He is now assessed by the Veterans Agency as 70 per cent disabled and unfit to work.”

The MoD admitted liability for the accident but Mr Stuart wants a hearing before the Air Force Board.

He said: “The MoD are washing their hands of this. I received compensation, which means they acknowledged they were wrong, but my complaint to the board was blocked. It’s a case of who guards the guards – the police have an independent complaints authority but the MoD doesn’t.”

In a Commons reply to Mr Singh, Veteran Minister Kevan Jones said: “In light of the fact Mr Stuart has accepted compensation in a full and final settlement of his injuries, there is no real basis for re-opening the case now. I feel that there is really no way forward.

He continued: “If Mr Singh or Mr Stuart has any further evidence that has not been presented so far, I would be willing to meet to discuss any such points and to see whether anything has been overlooked.”