A faiths forum in Bradford is working to ensure calm prevails in Bradford as tensions between Pakistan and India remain high.

The South Asia Forum comprises members of the four main faiths and is working in partnership in a bid to promote understanding and respect between the communities.

Its members say they are hard at work to maintain harmony should the international situation deteriorate further.

Ishtiaq Ahmed, of Bradford Council of Mosques, said: “Soon after the Mumbai incident the Council for Mosques met the other faith groups and discussed the situation between India and Pakistan.

“There were fears that if the situation worsened it might spill over into Bradford with some people taking out their anger and frustration on the streets.

“It is very important we all work together and act very quickly if the situation does get out of hand. We are very confident however that the faith leaders would be able to contain and neutralise any such situation.”

Achhar Paul Dharni, chairman of the Hindu Cultural Society, said: “I do not think there is any tension here in Bradford but it is an ongoing concern.

“All our communities have met to discuss this because we were worried about the situation.

“We understand each other and are doing our best to keep tensions low and make people understand the real situation.”

Rashid Awan, president of the Pakistan Society of West Yorkshire, said: “People from India and Pakistan have been living in Bradford for more than 45 years now and relations between all the groups is excellent but I fear the current situation could affect that.

“I urge everyone to do their part in defusing tensions. It is our duty to ensure that anything that happens back home does not impact here.”

Ranvir Singh, chairman of the Bradford Board of Gurdwaras, said he had made a speech at his temple on the issue.

He said: “We want peace across all the communities.

“We live in a beautiful country and we don’t want anything silly to happen.

“We are all praying for peace for all the people of the world. I hope there won’t be any problems here, we are very lucky to live here and we want to do so in peace.”