More than 11,000 voters helped to elect 30 new members to the Bradford and Keighley Youth Parliament at the weekend, following a count of votes at the Hilton Hotel in the city.

Six members were elected for each of the five wards: Bradford South, Bradford North, Bradford West, Keighley and Shipley.

The highest tally for a single candidate went to Aaisha Mahmood in Bradford South with 1,008 votes.

The successfully elected candidates ranged in age from 11-year-old Luke Everett to 18-year-olds Daniel Reid and Joseph Atkins.

Among the issues highlighted were tackling racism, bullying and knife crime, promoting Bradford and giving voice to the district’s young people.

Councillor Michael Kelly, who attended the count, congratulated all those who had taken part. He said they were much younger than he was when he was first elected. He said: “You’ve joined a club I joined four or five years ago at a considerably greater age.

“When you stood for election you put your hand up and said I want to be considered. Unfortunately it is a competition and there will always be those who don’t win but you are all winners because you took part.”