A former Bradford City star is threatening legal action after contracting a hospital superbug following medical treatment for a match injury.

Jamie Lawrence thought he would be back playing for his team Harrow Borough within three weeks of having six stitches for a deep cut to his right knee on December 9.

But after a series of complications the midfielder was shocked to be told he had MRSA in the wound putting him out of action at least three months.

His leg is now in plaster and he needs crutches to move around.

Mr Lawrence said: “I can’t even drive or do anything. It has been a joke – it was one cock-up after another. I am going to see my legal people. I will be taking it further.”

The 38-year-old, who played for Bradford City between 1997 and 2002 and was part of the team which won promotion to the Premiership, was originally treated for the cut at Northwick Park Hospital, where he had six stitches.

Ten days later he went to his GP surgery to have the stitches removed but the nurse could only find four of them.

Still feeling discomfort a few days later, he sought the advice of his club physiotherapist, who ordered him to return to hospital.

At Epsom Hospital medics reopened the wound and stitched it back up again but ten days later it was weeping pus and not healing.

He went under the knife again at St Helier Hospital where doctors found the missing stitches in the wound and also did a swab which revealed he had MRSA.

“I am still on crutches but the plaster is coming off on Wednesday so hopefully I am now on the mend,” said Mr Lawrence, who runs his own football academy.

“I am angry this has happened. I’ve broken my leg, cheekbone and arm in my career, but this was the lowest of the low. You should not go wrong with stitches. I could have lost my leg.”

Shelley Eugene, head of primary care contracting and commissioning at NHS Surrey, which oversees health services in the area said: “We are always very concerned to hear when people are not satisfied with the care they have received.

“Due to patient confidentiality we are unable to comment on individual patients, however we do fully investigate issues raised with us.

“We have contacted the GP surgery and they made it clear they would like to further understand Mr Law-rence’s concerns, and would encourage him to get in touch with them directly. “Alternatively, if Mr Law-rence wishes to contact us we will fully investigate any concerns on his behalf.”

A spokesman for Epsom and St Helier University Hosp-itals NHS Trust said: “We are sorry to hear Mr Lawrence is unhappy with the care he received. We would encourage him to contact us directly so that we can investigate.”

A spokesman for North West London Hospital Trust, which runs Northwick Park, said: “The Trust can confirm Mr Lawrence attended the A&E department at Northwick Park Hospital on December 9. According to our records he was assessed by a doctor and treated and discharged within three and half hours. Our records show the nurse who stitched his knee followed the correct techniques to avoid infection.

“It is difficult for us to comment on the source of his infection given this is something he could have picked up before coming to hospital or after he was discharged.”