A long-awaited decision on compensation rights for sufferers of pleural plaques could be reached by the end of this month, a Bradford MP has revealed.

In November 2007 the House of Lords ruled sufferers of the disease, which can be an indicator of fatal asbestosis, were no longer entitled to compensation.

Since then the Govern-ment has come under pressure from MPs and campaigners to overturn the ruling.

Sufferers have been kept waiting since a consultation on pleural plaque compensation concluded last October.

As part of the process a number of potential options were put forward for discussion, including an overturn of the compensation ban.

Campaigners and MPs, including Bradford North Labour MP Terry Rooney, have repeatedly called for an announcement on the issue. He said: “We are determined to get justice for sufferers of pleural plaques. Hopefully we will receive a statement within the next ten days and hopefully Jack Straw will announce the overturning of the Lords’ decision.”

Jane Howie, of the Bradford Asbestos Victim Support Group, said: “We are getting many calls from pleural plaques victims asking if the decision has been announced – we have to keep saying a decision is imminent. We are annoyed that the decision, which was expected in the autumn, has been continually delayed.”

In December more than 80 MPs including Mr Rooney, Marsha Singh (Lab, Bradford West) and Ann Cryer (Lab, Keighley) signed an early day motion calling on Justice Minister Jack Straw to publish the consultation’s findings.