A couple have backed up the account of a mother who spotted a UFO over Bradford on New Year’s Eve.

Today, the Telegraph & Argus reported how Clare Harris, of Low Moor, saw a flickering ball moving slowly across the sky.

Now Charles and Susan Mercer, aged 67, have come forward to say they saw something matching that description at about the same time.

Mr Mercer, of Eskdale Avenue, Shelf, said: “It was just after midnight and it came from the south-east, which tallies with the other woman’s account because Low Moor is over that way.

“It was a big orange ball and it was like it was on fire. It came over the top of our house and carried on in the direction of Queensbury, then it just disappeared.

“About two minutes later, another one came over in the same direction and, to cut a long story short, we counted five by the time it had finished at about 12.15am.

“It definitely wasn’t an aeroplane because I see them all the time going over towards Yeadon.”