A mum had an unforgettable start to 2009 when she spotted a UFO over Bradford.

Clare Harris, 30, of Low Moor, was with four friends at a house when they spotted a flickering ball, orange or white in colour, moving slowly across the sky.

She immediately grabbed her mobile phone and captured a fascinating video sequence showing the movements of the object.

She said: “It was just after midnight on New Year’s Eve. I was not drinking due to my daughter being ill. We were round at a friend’s house on Sal Royd Road in Low Moor and we had been sat around talking.

“My partner was looking out of the window and shouted for me to come and look. The more we watched the more it seemed strange.

“It was round in shape and was orange, flickering white, and it was moving sideways. It was very far away, over towards the Odsal Top direction.

“None of us could explain what it was and it stayed in the sky for a long time, then disappeared into the distance. We kept looking and about three or four minutes later another one appeared but only stayed for a little while.

“There may be a very simple explanation and I am sure everyone thinks I am a crackpot. I am not saying it was little green men, just that we don’t know what it was. Some people have mentioned those Chinese lanterns that people set off, but it seemed too far away and too bright to be one of those.”

This is not the first UFO sighting in Bradford in recent months.

In September, Richard Ing, of Westminster Avenue, Clayton, reported seeing a “massive fireball half the size of an aeroplane” from the balcony of his house.

Mr Ing’s description of the object prompted three other people to contact the Telegraph & Argus saying they had seen a similar object on the same night.

One of them, who did not wish to be named, said: “At about 10pm we were all sat outside in the garden when an orange ball-like object came towards my home from a southerly direction.

“It seemed to look as though it was hovering over the top of Wibsey. There was no noise coming from the object. The ball seemed to change shape widening and decreasing from time to time, then it seemed to reverse back and the light went out.”