Pollard Park was all fresh and new and still under construction when a Telegraph & Argus photographer took this aerial shot of the city in 1977.

The recently-created Greenway footpath/ cycleway snakes past the houses to cross New Otley Road via a footbridge and ends at Otley Road itself, near blocks of flats which have only lately been demolished.

Carlton Bolling College (then merely a ‘School’) stands between the playing fields on its left and Undercliffe Cemetery to the right of the picture.

In the middle distance, the power station occupies pride of place along Canal Road on the site which now belongs to Tesco.

The various car showrooms on the far side of Canal Road were a long way from being built.

Further to the left, the Forster Square Retail Park had yet to grow in a planner’s imagination.

So had Hamm Strasse and the Shipley-Airedale Road. Warehouses, mills and factories still dominated that part of the city – but not for much longer.