Stunned staff at a Bradford fashion shop have hit out at bosses after being given only 30 minutes notice of its closure.

Store supervisor Vicky Worrall, of Allerton, Bradford, says she and her colleagues had been “treated like dirt” by the owners of the MK One fashion shop in Bradford’s Kirkgate Centre, and did not know if they were even going to get paid.

She said: “I had a call form my manager saying that the shop was being closed down and that we had to hand over the keys and the takings before leaving. We knew that the business was in trouble and had been in administration but this came out of the blue.”

The MK One store employed about 12 full and part-time staff.

Internacionale, one of the UK’s leading fashion retailers, has bought 85 stores from the administrator of the MK One chain and says this will secure about 800 jobs.

It is not certain whether the Bradford store is among them.