The University of Bradford is to host a One World Week to bring together new and current students from around the world.

Students from 110 countries attend the institution – representing around 30 per cent of a total number of more than 13,000.

And tomorrow a series of events will begin to celebrate Bradford’s true multi-national make-up and introduce young people from as far afield as China, Greece and Nigeria to their new home.

Events including an international market at which students from around the globe will represent their culture, a celebration of the Indian festival Diwali, a ceilidh, an Afro-Caribbean dance demonstration and multi-national party will take place to kick off the new academic year with a bang.

Dr Haydn Bartlett, director of the university’s international office, said the University of Bradford international students had made a significant impact.

He said: “We take our international relations very seriously and our international students add an important dimension to the university.

“We have a very strong brand in countries across the world, particularly in China, Pakistan, India, Japan and the Middle East. We also go further afield into some of the African countries.”

Most of this week One World events are free of charge and all are open to members of the public.

Jane Richardson, team leader of The Hub at Bradford University, which provides services to students, said: “With a new term beginning and lots of our students living away from home for the first time, we saw this as a unique opportunity for our students to learn about the cultures of their fellow students and have fun.”

Professor Jeff Lucas, deputy vice-chancellor, said: “The University of Bradford now seeks to be an opinion former in the global agenda of higher education, whether it be as advisors in government policy or a beacon of good practice in teaching learning and research.”