Liberal Democrat councillors want a Council debate on what will happen when Education Bradford’s £360 million ten-year contract ends in 2011.

The group’s education spokesman, Councillor David Ward, has submitted a motion to tomorrow’s full Council meeting calling for discussions on who should run education services from 2011 to begin immediately.

Coun Ward said: “People need to remember that discussions about the contract itself began in 1999 before the contact began in July 2001.

“I think that it’s not too soon now to be saying let’s have a look at what our options are.

“This is not about how can we get rid of Education Bradford, it’s about what we are going to do at the end of the contract – whether that’s with Education Bradford, bringing education back in-house or another provider. We need to be considering that right now.”

Coun Ward said the “step-change” in pupil performance which had been called for in 2001 had not been achieved.

The Liberal Democrats have also put forward a motion calling for 2010 to be dedicated to raising education standards throughout the district.

Coun Ward said: “We need something that sucks in businesses, the colleges, the university. We need it to involved the voluntary and community sector.”

Councillor Ralph Berry, Labour group education spokesman, said he had been told that the Council had begun assessing what should happen when the Education Bradford contract finishes.

On 2010 being dedicated to education standards, he said: “I think the issue is about parental engagement and school and community links. I think there is solid evidence about children’s outcomes being improved when they have consistent support from adults in their lives.”