A police civilian worker, who had been suspended from duty, hanged himself in his garage with a belt, an inquest heard.

Married father-of-three Colin Hutchinson, 43, who was under psychiatric care, was found by his wife Karen at their home in Harehill Road, Thackley.

Mr Hutchinson, an IT technician, had been suspended from his job following an investigation, but that was not referred to by the Coroner during today’s inquest.

Mrs Hutchinson, in a statement read to the court, said her husband of 20 years had suffered from periods of depression and low moods for a few years.

In January 2007 she had found him half asleep in the bath after he had taken an overdose of his medication and he was detained in hospital for five days. He had promised never to do anything like it again.

But on February 20 this year, Mrs Hutchinson became worried that her husband, who was based at Eccleshill police station in Bradford, was not at home.

She opened the garage door and found him on the floor. Mrs Hutchinson thought someone had hurt him until she saw the belt round his neck.

The inquest was told police found the other end of the belt attached to a hook on a ceiling joist in the garage and it was obvious the belt had split under the weight of Mr Hutchinson’s body.

A note, confirmed by Mrs Hutchinson to be in her husband’s handwriting, was found.

West Yorkshire Coroner Roger Whittaker said the note helped him with regard to intention, though he could not deal with the question of why.

He said: “I have sufficient evidence, with the way he was found and the way the belt had split, confirmed by the note of intention.

“I am satisfied, so that I am sure beyond reasonable doubt, that the only intention he could have had was to end his life by the means he chose.”

He said the cause of death was hanging and recorded a verdict that Mr Hutchinson took his own life.

Pathologist Dr David Goldesbrough, who carried out the post-mortem examination, found evidence of heart disease but it would not have significantly contributed to the death. There was no evidence of excess drug or alcohol use.

Mrs Hutchinson said her husband had continued to see a psychiatrist, whom he had an appointment with on the day he died. His daughter had seen him leave for the appointment before she went to college.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed at the time of Mr Hutchinson’s death that he was suspended from duty as a result of an investigation, but would not comment on the nature of the inquiry.

A force spokesman said: “The investigation has not been finalised due to Mr Hutchinson’s death.

“The Coroner did not make reference to the investigation being a causal factor, therefore West Yorkshire Police believe it would be inappropriate to comment any further.”

A colleague described him as a quiet and decent man whose death was a tragedy.