A NEW dementia day care facility is nearly up and running as the latest pictures show work in its final stages.

Knowl Park House at Mirfield will cater for up to 30 people each day from Monday to Friday. The council says the facilities have been designed with features to give “maximum flexibility and be fully inclusive”, and will incorporate the latest assistive technology.

The new centre, which is set to open this autumn will be split into zones. One of which, the ‘Home Therapy Zone’, will feature a “homely” open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area. An ‘Activity Zone’ will provide a large arts and crafts room, and a ‘Wellbeing Zone’ will boast a sensory and cinema room and a spa.

Each zone will lead to different outdoor spaces – some with a greenhouse, potting shed and raised beds, and another area with an exercise area and water feature. Rooms will also be connected to the private rear garden area by full length glazed windows, encouraging people to make use of the space and improve their wellbeing.

Images show a fascia being installed and work being done to create the new car park, which already has EV charging points installed, and a footpath leading to it. At present, the entrance road to the car park is being constructed.

The council says that work on the ‘final fix’ to install sockets, switches and light fittings, among other electrical equipment, is progressing well. Elsewhere, kitchens are being fitted, along with other furniture, fittings and equipment.