BRADFORD Bulls CEO Jason Hirst has given an insight into the current ownership of the club,  showing a transparency that will be most welcome to fans.

He also confirmed he is on the current board of five, which includes Nigel Wood, but is the only one of that quintet who has not invested in owning the club.

Speaking to the assembled audience at Bulls’ fans’ forum last Monday, he said: “One of the current owners is Phil Sharp, whose grandad played here.

“He came on board six months ago after a press statement calling for help.

“Nigel Wood is chairman as you know, and he was the one who brought in NIC Services Group, a major investor, back in March.

“NIC, who also do a lot with Leeds Rhinos, have a representative on the board as a result, a lifelong Bulls fan in Simon Tidswell.

“We’ve also got Paul Wild, who was came on to the board in September 2023.

“We’ve got his company (ATM Events) in our shirts and he’s always wanted to help the club, being a long-term sponsor and supporter, but he’d never been confident enough to make this leap before.

“The board of five we’ve got currently includes me, but I don’t own the club like the other four.

“We had Deb Sorra on the board for 15 months, at a time we really needed support.

“She’s no longer on the board but still has a box at the club and comes to watch us each week.

Deborah Sorra provided Bulls with valuable input and insight when it came to improving on their IMG score.Deborah Sorra provided Bulls with valuable input and insight when it came to improving on their IMG score. (Image: @OfficialBullsRL.)

“I also have to mention Adam Fogerty and Mark Sawyer for the work they put in behind the scenes before leaving, as without them, we wouldn’t be back at Odsal.

“We might not even have a club without them, but they were there when we needed them.”

Hirst also quashed a rumour that some of the players currently at Bulls, a handful of whom have recent Super League experience, were on full-time contracts currently.

He said: “The rumour that we’re offering full-time contracts to players currently isn’t true, but we’re hugely ambitious with the one, two or three-year deals that we’re offering.

“The stipulation in some of those deals is that if we get to Super League while those players are still contracted with us, then we’ll look to renegotiate with them on more favourable terms.”