LABOUR now holds four out of the five Parliamentary seats in the Bradford district after an election that saw the party oust long-standing Shipley MP Sir Philip Davies.

But it was not a completely dominant showing, with one Labour MP in Bradford seeing her once-huge majority whittled down to a few hundred votes, and Keighley being retained by the Conservatives in one of the more unexpected results of the night.

Across the country, Labour enjoyed a landslide, with support for the Conservative Party plummeting.

The election count at SedberghThe election count at Sedbergh (Image: T&A)

Thursday’s election results for Bradford will have left Labour happy, especially taking the Shipley seat that had been held by Conservative Sir Philip for 19 years – but the overall scenario in Bradford was much more close-run than the national picture would suggest.

Bradford West MP Naz Shah, who won by over 27,000 votes in the 2019 election, was this time just over 700 votes ahead of Muhammed Ali Islam, an independent candidate who has made the Gaza conflict a major part of his election campaign.

During her victory speech, she acknowledged that this had partly been down to the “pain” constituents felt over the issue.

Naz Shah being interviewed after her victory in Bradford WestNaz Shah being interviewed after her victory in Bradford West (Image: T&A)

She also described this year’s election campaign in her Constituency as “toxic” and thanked police for keeping her and other candidates safe.

With Labour coming to power nationally, it marks the first time since 2000 that Bradford Council and the National Government are run by the same party.

In her victory speech Naz Shah thanked police, who she said "kept people safe during what has been a very toxic election.”

She added: “Throughout the country we are seeing, and have seen, the thirst for change.

“Thanks to each and every voter, whether you voted for me or not, for taking part in our great British democracy.

“This morning, we are waking up to a Labour Government, and I know that in Bradford West there are many voters who are pained, like I am about things which are going on in the Middle East and it is right that people have used the ballot box to express their pain.

“We have a great deal of work to do. It is work I have done in the past nine years, and I will be honoured again to endeavour to never let you down and representing Bradford West first, whether that be locally, nationally or internationally.

“We have a great deal of work to do, I hope to work with each and every one of you.”

Bradford East MP Imran Hussain is mobbed by fans after retaining his seat for LabourBradford East MP Imran Hussain is mobbed by fans after retaining his seat for Labour (Image: T&A)

Bradford East MP Imran Hussain gained 14,098 votes, almost double that of the second-place candidate Talat Sajawal – another Independent who has made Gaza a major talking point of his campaign.

In his victory speech he said: “I am very proud of my record over the last nine years. The same record I went back to the people of Bradford East with. A record that meant that I would always be a loud voice against injustice and a record that I would be a loud voice for Bradford.

Imran Hussain gives his victory speechImran Hussain gives his victory speech (Image: T&A)

“The work for that Government starts now, we must undo the 14 years of the Conservative austerity that has brought devastation to our streets in Bradford. The 14 years that has meant the NHS doesn’t work. The 14 years that meant people today can’t get appointments. That has meant we have poverty on our streets.

“The next Government must change that. But it also has the duty to tackle international injustice. I will always remain the loudest and strongest voice against injustice at home and abroad, because I want to re-affirm this commitment again. It is not Westminster system that sent me to Bradford, it is the people of Bradford that sent me to Westminster.”

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins received 11,833 votes – with Reform candidate Ian Peter Elgin coming second with 7,441 votes.

Judith Cummins gives her victory speechJudith Cummins gives her victory speech (Image: T&A)

She also highlighted the need for change in her victory speech, saying: “Every General Election presents the country with a choice, it defines the type of nation we want to be, the type of society we want to be. My ambition is to improve life for everyone across Bradford, to improve our economy and public services at every level.

“After 14 years of the Conservatives we need change, and change is coming. Now is the time for a Labour Government working towards a brighter future. Let the work of change begin.”

Muhammed Ali Islam on the count floorMuhammed Ali Islam on the count floor (Image: T&A)

With Keighley long being seen as a bellwether constituency – with the national picture usually reflected in who is voted as MP, it was perhaps surprising to see Conservative MP Robbie Moore retain his seat on a torrid night for his party.

Speaking to the T&A, Mr Moore said: "I'm over the moon and very pleased the people of Keighley and the surrounding area voted for me.
"It was completely unexpected and I was very nervous.
"There were some crunch moments where I had no idea.
"But I'm thrilled everyone from across the constituency have put their faith in me."

Unexpected joy for Robbie Moore at the Keighley count as he retained his seat for the Conservative party (Image: T&A)

There had been rumblings that Labour would perform well in Shipley this election, but due to Sir Philip's lengthy run in the Constituency it was still a surprise to see Labour's Anna Dixon claim the seat.

She said she was delighted to achieve a "win which was against the odds two years ago".
But she told her constituents that "I won't let you down."
Speaking to the T&A, she added: "I'm pretty elated. I've built a relationship with the voters. 
"It's been an amazing night for Labour in Shipley and at the national level.
"The Conservatives had a 6,000 majority in the last election and now we had an 8,000 majority, so it's been a very decisive result here 
"I now have a mandate to serve the people of Shipley."

Anna Dixon making her victory speech as Sir Philip Davies looks on Anna Dixon making her victory speech as Sir Philip Davies looks on (Image: UGC)

Sir Philip was gracious in defeat, speaking to the T&A afterwards about where he thought things had gone wrong. 

He said: "I'm bitterly disappointed. 
"I take full responsibility for the defeat - I'm not going to blame anybody else.
"This was my defeat. I lost to the better candidate.
"I congratulate Anna Dixon - she fought a very effective, energetic, fair campaign. 
"She deserved to win - and I wish her well.
"She's got the makings of a very good local MP."

Although Liberal Democrats did not make a huge dent in Bradford, Councillor Brendan Stubbs, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Bradford, was delighted at the number of seats his party is gaining across the country - including Harrogate and Knaresborough, which the party won from the Conservatives.

He said: “I'm pleased to see us back at the level we were at in 2010 - it has been a hard 14 years getting back into good shape since the coalition. We've benefitted from a disastrous campaign by the Conservatives."

Leader of the Green Party in Bradford Matt Edwards was also pleased with how his part did in the national election, even though he only finished fourth in his bid to win the Bradford South seat.

Referring to the local performance, he said: "In Bradford we're seeing more people voting for Greens than ever before. In Bierley and Holme Wood there are a huge amount of Vote Green signs. We are the only party people are proud to say they are voting for in those areas."