A NEW festival celebrating Bradford’s young people will be held in the city centre later this month.

The 29% Festival will celebrate the fact that a huge portion (29 per cent) of Bradford’s population is under the age of 20 – making it the youngest city in Europe.

29% Festival is a free festival of live performance, music, dance, art and workshops, celebrating Bradford’s young people and its young artists.

It will be held at Common Space on John Street on July 26-28, and is organised by Common Wealth theatre group.

The event will feature work and performances from 75 young people, paid for their time, DJs, rappers, drag artists, comedians and writers.

Saturday, July 27 will feature a cabaret stage with poetry and performance and a youth music night in association with All Star Entertainment.

Workshops will be delivered by Speakers Corner and youth groups from across the district, and will include discussions on international activism, Bhangra dance and a holi powder paint fight.

There will be original productions from Common Wealth’s Performance Collective and Youth Theatre Lab, a dance daytimer and a programme of “beautiful and chaotic” public acts dreamt up by young people of all ages.

Co-Creator, Hania Reca said: “I’m looking forward to 29% Festival as it gives opportunities for young people to be seen and heard.

“We are often undermined as too young or immature or not ready, so don’t have many opportunities.

“29% Festival will highlight how young people not only in Bradford but across the UK and internationally, are brave and capable of anything. We want to empower our friends and community to speak our truths and shout about what we believe in - so others believe in us and we believe in ourselves too. As future leaders, we need to be given the chance to go for things we want to do.”

Young People and Community Producer, Saoirse Teale said: “Common Wealth really believe in the power of creativity to platform the young voices and perspectives in our city, as well as providing opportunity to young people in Bradford who continue to amaze us with their creativity, work ethic and ambition.

“There has been a lot of talk about Bradford being the youngest city in Europe and the young people we work with are really passionate to talk about what that really means, from the perspectives of those under the age of 20 living in Bradford.

“The festival is made up of original work from 75 young people across the district across a range of art forms, which we are incredibly excited to share.”

For more information visit https://commonwealththeatre.co.uk/projects/29-festival/