AN uninsured driver had his car seized after police saw him contravening a no right turn sign in the Bradford district.

West Yorkshire Police Operation Steerside officers spotted the Vauxhall make the wrong move from Leeds Road to Dock Lane in Shipley.

A post on the team's X account added: "Driver was not only unaware of his error but also uninsured."

It meant the vehicle was seized and the individual was reported for the offences.

In an unrelated incident, the Operation Steerside Team made another seizure on Thornton Road.

Another post read: "The driver of this @PeugeotUK claimed to have not realised that his insurance policy had expired two months ago. He's certainly aware now."

He was also reported to court for the offence.

The work from the police was part of Operation Tutelage- which is in place to reduce the impact of untaxed, uninsured, untraceable and unsafe vehicles.