A Bradford man who has battled Long Covid is celebrating the release of his band’s new album.

Clayton musician Ian Harding, along with his band The Mighty Muskrats, have announced the release of their new album Coming Home, which the band is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of music.

Ian Harding has overcome a battle with Long Covid to release The Mighty Muskrat's new album Coming HomeIan Harding has overcome a battle with Long Covid to release The Mighty Muskrat's new album Coming Home (Image: UGC)

After contracting Covid-19, Ian has battled Long Covid for over two years, facing symptoms such as shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and brain fog.

Despite these challenges, he has persevered, creating an album that reflects both his personal journey and passion for Americana music.

The cover of The Mighty Muskrat's new album Coming HomeThe cover of The Mighty Muskrat's new album Coming Home (Image: UGC)

The album, recorded at home in Clayton and in collaboration with friend and talented musician John Shanks, blends new compositions with a couple of older songs that suit Ian's new, quieter, and more intimate singing style.

This shift in vocal approach was necessary due to the reduced lung capacity caused by Long Covid, but it allowed Ian and The Mighty Muskrats to explore new depths in their music.

John Shanks, a member of The Mighty MuskratsJohn Shanks, a member of The Mighty Muskrats (Image: UGC)

“The support from the NHS's Long Covid Pathway was crucial,” Ian said. “Their guidance on breathing exercises, lung clearance techniques, and pacing strategies enabled me to manage my condition and reclaim my voice.”

The album, while not directly about Long Covid, embodies themes of resilience and the healing power of music.

Ian expressed immense gratitude to the NHS's Long Covid Pathway, whose support made it possible to bring this project to life.

“This album is more than just music for me; it’s about overcoming challenges and finding new strengths.

“I hope it resonates with listeners and brings them as much joy and solace as creating it has brought me.”

Ian Harding and Rowena perform on stage (Image: UGC)

The current Mighty Muskrats line-up, which has undergone some changes since the band’s last appearance.

Ian remains the band’s singer/songwriter, while Rowena continues to provide backing vocals while also leading on some tracks.

New member John Shanks helps arrange Ian’s song outlines into something truly special.

The band’s fourth honorary member, Ben Amstutz, handles the mixing and mastering from his studio in America.

In a message on the band’s website, they say: “Everything about this CD is crafted by us with love.

“The songs are home-recorded, the artwork is our creation, and the CDs are burned, printed, and packaged right at home.”

The album is available now on all major streaming platforms.