AN XL Bully that had attacked the public in the past has been ordered to be destroyed.

Jamil Rajas, 62, of Otley Road, in Wapping, Bradford faced an application for the destruction of a dog otherwise than on a conviction at Kirklees Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

He did not appear at court.

The application was in relation to an XL Bully named Pablo and it was granted by the court.

It means the dog must be put down unless an appeal is lodged within the next 21 days.

Court records show Pablo belonged to Rajas son but he was disqualified from keeping animals and so his dad took ownership.

The record also lists a number of reasons why the destruction order was granted.

This includes: a risk to the public due to previous attacks on the public, the temperament of the dog, the dog has tried escaping, and the owner was deemed to be not fit and proper due to the circumstances of the case.

It has been illegal to own an XL Bully since February this year, when the breed was added to the dangerous dogs list.

That is unless you have a valid Certificate of Exemption, with the deadline for applying online at midday on January 31.

There are currently 50,000 XL Bullies registered in England and Wales, with 358 of those in Bradford.