HEROES among the Bradford district police force were honoured at an awards ceremony.

The event was held at Odsal Stadium earlier this week (Tuesday, June 18) and was led by Bradford district Chief Superintendent Richard Padwell.

A number of dignitaries, including Bradford Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe and newly re-elected Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Alison Lowe OBE, attended the evening.

Over a dozen members from across the force were commended for their great work over the past 12 months.

PC Jack Senior spoke to the Telegraph & Argus after he was commended for taking a gun off the street.

Jack Senior (right) with his award alongside Bradford district Chief Superintendent Richard PadwellJack Senior (right) with his award alongside Bradford district Chief Superintendent Richard Padwell (Image: West Yorkshire Police) An individual was acting suspiciously in Holme Wood.

PC Senior detained the male who was wearing a balaclava and black gloves.

A handgun, which officers did not know was viable or not, was then located down the waistband of his trousers.

Chief Inspector Paul Wood said: "This excellent arrest was part of an ongoing series of incidents in the local area involving two rival fractions that resulted in several violent attacks."

PC Senior added: "I was shocked. It was kind of unexpected but that's like a lot of jobs you go to. It is never as it reads on the log.

"The risk heightened so it was about thinking about our decisions and making sure everyone was safe on the street.

"It is scary at the time but after it you think it is quite a good job to go and get a gun off the streets."

PS Tony Imeson, PCSO Oliver Riley, and PCSO Nathan Rees were commended for apprehending a knifepoint robbery suspect in Bradford city centre.

PS Tony Imeson (far right), PCSO Oliver Riley (second from right), and PCSO Nathan ReesPS Tony Imeson (far right), PCSO Oliver Riley (second from right), and PCSO Nathan Rees (Image: West Yorkshire Police) PS Imeson said: "Teamwork was imperative for that incident. The team were able to enclose the entire city centre and leave those offenders nowhere to escape."

PCSO Rees added: "Even though we were dealing with quite a dangerous incident, we felt a lot safer thanks to our team."

PS Ceri Lloyd was the biggest winner on the night - taking home two commendation awards and a couple of special ones, including the prestigious Bradford Shield.

This was due to her "outstanding leadership and problem solving" skills - tackling crime and anti-social behaviour to make the communities in Bradford safer.

PS Ceri LloydPS Ceri Lloyd (Image: West Yorkshire Police) She told the T&A: "It is really humbling to be recognised.

"My team make me look good. They work really hard.

"(Anti-social behaviour) is definitely challenging. We see that in your reports however we have got some tools that are really helpful in trying to tackle that and to take some of the biggest issues off the streets.

"We work tiredly to do that and take the ring leaders out."

T/PS James Preston was commended for bringing the knife angel to Bradford and ensuring over 60 weapons were taken off the streets.

T/PS James PrestonT/PS James Preston (Image: West Yorkshire Police) He said: "I am very proud to be involved in the knife amnesty project. 

"Most major cities have issues with knife crime and Bradford is no different.

"I was quite relived we did not get handed a load of butter knifes, we got some real weapons swords and knifes off the streets of Bradford."

PC James Elliott was commended for creating the faith trail which more than 600 officers have benefited from.

The trail visits churches, mosques, mandirs, gurdwaras, cathedrals and synagogues.

PC James ElliottPC James Elliott (Image: West Yorkshire Police) He said: "It allows them to learn about the different faiths and cultures that they may come across in their careers. It makes them all round good police officers.

"Bradford is so unique and diverse, that is why it is important to do these faith trails.

"The officers absolutely love it. It gives them that confidence to go into those communities and engage with people.

"I would love to spread this across the country. Imagine how good community policing would be if they copied the Bradford model."

Other award winners on the night included Mark Waite, DC Andy Batey, PSI Stuart Lyons, Imram Hafeez, PC Amy Davidson, DC Louise Clayton, D/Insp Laura Casey, DC Bethan Windsor, DC Angnieszka Rogusz-Hopwood, PS George Youngjohns, PC Emma Ashcroft, PC Samuel Williams, PC Gabby Moore, PC Sandy Monkys. PC Martin Clapham, and Insp Alexander Alderson.

At the end of the event, C/Supt Padwell said: "It was brilliant. Best night of the year!

Bradford district Chief Superintendent Richard PadwellBradford district Chief Superintendent Richard Padwell (Image: West Yorkshire Police) "It is absolutely fantastic to share the stories and the information about some tremendous piece of work across all our different teams.

"We can't forget about the people who look after our colleagues. They need that support to go out and help the public.

"Ultimately it is about keeping people safe and protecting vulnerable people. It is about reducing crime and reassuring the communities.

"When we see our staff do that we want to say well done."