A BRADFORD district restaurant owner has told of his frustration after criminals struck again at his business.

Harry Khinda, who runs The Crafty Indian on Bradford Road, Shipley, said he turned up at the premises this morning to find the door smashed and the till stolen.

It is the second time in nine months that the popular eatery has been targeted by offenders.

Harry said West Yorkshire Police had been informed of the incident.

Harry told the Telegraph & Argus: "To be honest, I'm absolutely fed up right now.

"It's the sixth time in the 17 years we've been here that this has happened.

"It last happened in September last year.

"They throw a big boulder through the front door, break in and then take the till."

Harry said the business never keeps much money in the till but added: "It just causes us so many issues.

"There's been a big clear-up - we've had to pick up lots of sharp glass - and we're now waiting for someone to come and fit some glass.

"The cost of this latest incident will probably be around £1,000 - plus the insurance premium will go up and I'll have to pay an excess on the policy."

Addressing those responsible for the crimes, Harry said: "I'd just like to say, please have some consideration for other people.

"But they don't really care, do they? That's the problem.

"Even if they get caught, what's going to happen to them - if anything?

"It's very bad when you work hard, you make sacrifices, you do your bit for society, then this happens. 

"It's so disappointing."

Harry said the restaurant will be open at 5pm despite the crime.

He said the eatery was unable to open for two days earlier this week due to a leak.

He added: "And now this break-in happened.

"We will be open today, and we could really do with some support and better luck.

"We're a small business and the last thing we need is criminals repeatedly targeting us - on top of rising bills and everything else."

Many people showed The Crafty Indian their support on Facebook.

One woman said: "So sorry. That is horrible. Good luck with the repairs and getting on with your work. I don't understand the people who do this."

Another said: "That's dreadful. But you're all tough and will survive and push forward."

The T&A has approached West Yorkshire Police for comment about the crime.