A NEW 'secret garden' has opened at a popular Bradford bar.

Symposium Bar & Kitchen, on Albion Road in Idle, opened under the stewardship of friends Jess Taylor and Stacey Pedley in May 2023.

Jess recently left the business, leaving the sole ownership in Stacey's hands.

The new area can house over 70 peopleThe new area can house over 70 people (Image: UGC)

The new outdoor space has space for more than 70 punters to enjoy.

The area officially opened just before the start of Euro 2024, providing the chance to show the Scotland v Germany opener.

"It was the plan all along (to open the space)," Stacey said.

"But when we first took on the pub just over a year ago, we already had a lot of expenditure initially to get the inside how we wanted.

"We just had to wait until the funds would allow us to do it.

"The previous owners did use the downstairs bit before but we wanted to make it something extra special."

It has opened just in time for the EurosIt has opened just in time for the Euros (Image: UGC) The space features two 65 inch TVs, a private bar, and a BBQ area.

Stacey also hopes to use it for private parties including birthdays, baby showers, and even wedding after parties.

She added: "We didn't just open the secret garden for the Euros but we had it in mind when we were trying to pick a deadline to have it ready for.

"It is outside but it is also predominately undercover with heaters and blankets.

"This area has probably doubled the size of the pub in total."

It has been a testing first year for the bar.

Stacey said Jess departed the business due to her other work commitments.

Stacey opened the bar with good friend Jess in May 2023. (Image: UGC) She said: "It has been a lot of hard work.

"We thought we would be able to get a general manager in and a head chef, and we would oversee things.

"But we found to make it a success we had to have a lot more involvement than we anticipated.

"We turned it (the business) around by introducing things like bottomless brunches, Sunday roasts, and quiz nights.

The area can be rented out for private partiesThe area can be rented out for private parties (Image: UGC) "We have increased footfall and made it a really busy place to be.

She added: "It will just be myself going forward.

"Both myself and Jess have full-time jobs.

"Taking the pub on, it was probably more than we ever anticipated.

"I am self employed so I have that little bit more flexibility than what Jess does."