THIS charming image, of boys at Feversham Street School, was taken by John Jackson in May 1974 - fifty years ago

Says John: “I was looking into the early history of Feversham Street School. On February 17, 1873 the Bradford School Board opened its first schools in temporary rented premises.

"One of these was New Leeds Board School, housed in the Baptist Chapel, Mulgrave Street, off Leeds Road. The repurposed building still stands. When the Feversham Street School opened on August 10, 1874 the children were transferred there.

As I was clicking away, a group of playful children appeared and asked me to take their picture. I couldn’t help thinking they can’t have looked much different from pupils at the school 100 years earlier!

"I wonder what became of these happy youngsters. Perhaps T&A readers can supply the answers.”

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