A BRADFORD McDonald's is closed this afternoon (Monday) after police were scrambled to a fast-food restaurant.

A cordon was in place at McDonald's on Ingleby Road, Girlington, and police cars are the scene.

UPDATE: Police have now issued a statement on this incident - click here to read

One would-be customer spoke of her concern at the large police presence.

Police at the McDonald's restaurant this afternoonPolice at the McDonald's restaurant this afternoon (Image: T&A)

She said: “It’s our local McDonald’s, so I was just taking my son there – but it’s all been closed off by police.

"I don’t know what’s happened, but it’s concerning and it’s obviously quite serious.

“We’ve just tried to pull in and it’s all been guarded by police the main entrance.

“There’s a police van, police car and a cordon being guarded by police.”

The T&A has contacted West Yorkshire Police for further information.