BRADFORD Council has issued thousands of bus lane fines to motorists in the last 12 months, raking in more than £150K, according to new data.

Figures obtained by Personal Injury Claims UK revealed the number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued by Bradford City Council amounts to at least £158,480 - providing drivers pay the minimum amount of £35.

Bradford Council says it uses bus lanes to help emergency vehicles and public transport avoid traffic congestion.

The standard bus lane fine in the city is £70, but it is halved if the charge is paid within 21 days.

The figures revealed that between April 6, 2023 and April 5, 2024, the council issued a total of 4,528 bus lane fines to drivers.

The city has 22 active bus lanes where fines can be issued.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “As a council we support public transport and emergency vehicles in being able to drive safely and efficiency to reach their destination without being subjected to traffic congestion and actively encourage the use of public transport.

"We currently have 22 active bus lanes and issue around 50,000 PCNs each year to motorists driving in contravention.”