A BRADFORD city centre underground complex has encouraged customers to see what they have got to offer.

Since 2016, Sunbridgewells has offered a mix of attractions including pubs, bars, shops, and restaurants for Bradfordians to enjoy.

Founder Graham Hall sadly passed away in December 2022 leading to his son Harry taking the reigns the following May.

Following the reopening of The Rose and Crown last month, there are now seven businesses running out of the complex.

This includes pub Wallers Brewery, eateries La Caverna Pizzeria and Perilla, nightclubs Guilty Cocktail Bar and Not Guilty Bar Sunbridge Wells, and Lina’s Coffee Booth & Bar.

Harry Hall recently told the T&A: "For Sunbridgewells to move forward we need tenants, not just pubs, clubs and bars.

"For businesses operating 9-5, we have got spaces for them to come in.

"If you get it going, there is no reason why this place can not be a huge success."