A BRADFORD man who was jailed for nine years and six months after a huge drugs bust in the city has now been ordered to hand over £22,500 or face more time in prison.

The T&A reported back in September 2022 how Razwan Hussain, 32, and his 34-year-old brother Kamran Hussain had both been locked up after police officers seized 12 kilograms of crack cocaine and heroin from a property in Hoxton Street.

The Class A drugs haul, which was seized in February 2022, was said to have been worth over £600,000 and the brothers were jailed after they both admitted charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply.

Hussain’s brother Kamran was sentenced to eight years and four months for his role in the offending.

On Tuesday, Razwan Hussain was brought from custody to Bradford Crown Court for his final hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act and Judge Ahmed Nadim, who had jailed him, was told that the parties had now agreed a confiscation figure.

Hussain had argued that his only benefit from the crime was to have had a £6,000 drugs debt written off, but today defence and prosecution counsel agreed a benefit figure of £22,500.

The money, which amounts to Hussain’s equity share in the Hoxton Street property, will now have to be handed over within the next three months or he will face having to serve an extra nine months in jail.

Judge Nadim explained that even if Hussain ended up serving the extra nine months he would still have to pay the £22,500.

During the hearing Judge Nadim said: ”If the effect of taking away from the defendant the benefit of his criminal conduct is to force a sale of the matrimonial home that’s too bad. That’s what will happen.

“You play with fire you get burned. It’s really that simple.”