WEST Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) has "sincerely apologised" for a delay in updating the Telegraph & Argus over a request for information about the closure of Bradford Interchange bus station - but the details have still not yet been released. 

The bus station - run by WYCA - has been shut since early January after a block of concrete from the structure collapsed into an underground car park, with many residents complaining that they do not believe officials have provided enough information about the situation. 

On January 12, the T&A submitted the following question to WYCA under the Freedom of Information Act: "Please can WYCA provide all written correspondence it has made and received regarding the emergency closure of the bus station at Bradford Interchange, up to today (Friday, January 12, 2024)."

WYCA later confirmed to the T&A that it "does hold the information covered by your request" - but stated it was "unable to provide the information as this is being withheld" under regulations.

On March 25, the T&A contacted WYCA asking for an internal review of its decision - stating that members of the public have a right to know the information - and WYCA said this would be answered within 20 working days. 

Two months later, on Friday, WYCA emailed the T&A stating "we sincerely apologise for the delay in getting this response to you" - and said the internal review was "taking longer than expected" as the request was "complex".

WYCA said: "In accordance with the internal review procedure, the combined authority are currently reviewing your request.

"Due to the volume of information in scope of your request, the review is taking longer than expected to assess the information that is being released and to consider the public interest test for the application of any exceptions. 

"We intend to be in a position to respond to your review request within the next week.

"We thank you for your continued patience as we work through this complex request."

As reported by the T&A on Friday, transport bosses were urged to bring forward a report on the future of Bradford Interchange's bus station "as soon as possible".

WYCA had said a full report on the future of the station would be published in mid-June - but at a meeting of its transport committee on Friday, members were told the General Election could change these plans.

Earlier this month, Tracy Brabin, the Mayor of West Yorkshire, said she would not reopen the station "until it is safe to do so".