BRADFORD Council has explained why it has taken two months to install a crossing on a major Bradford district road.

Works were due to start on Bingley Road, near the old Co-op in Saltaire, on March 25 earlier this year.

A sign states these will last for two weeks with "delays possible".

Bradford Council says the delay has been caused by shortages of some of the specialist materials needed to install the crossing.

Contractors are putting the road lining in place today (Friday) and the crossing should be up and running "within the next few weeks".

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Barriers have been put up on each sideBarriers have been put up on each side (Image: Newsquest)

It comes after one Telegraph & Argus reader got in touch to express his frustration with the lengthy delay.

He said it had affected people's ability to get to the other side of the road.

The man said: “We thought it meant traffic delays, not job completion delays by over seven weeks."

He added: “I’m fed up of seeing people dodge traffic in trying to cross over the road between cars, trucks, and buses.

"I’ve seen old ladies peeking their heads out behind trucks to see if they can cross.

"My own father has to dodge traffic at 88 to wobble across the road between dangerous often agitated vehicles.

"I too at 56 have to fight to get across.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: This sign has been in place for two monthsThis sign has been in place for two months (Image: UGC)Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s executive member for regeneration, planning and transport. said he understands "people's frustration" at the lengthy delay.

He said: “The crossing will be a great benefit to this part of Gordon Terrace but I understand people’s frustration at the time taken to complete the works.

"There have been some delays with the arrival of some of the specialist materials which have been on back order due to shortages."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: One reader is not happy about the time it has takenOne reader is not happy about the time it has taken (Image: Newsquest)Cllr Ross-Shaw added: “The road-lining, which was also delayed due to the rain, is now scheduled with contractors to go down today.

"Once this is complete the traffic light heads can be installed, so the crossing should be up and running in within the next few weeks.

"There is a crossing a short distance further up the road that should be used while these works complete.”

The crossing is near the old Co-op store which was replaced by another, further down Bingley Road, last year.

Plans for the new store were approved by Bradford Council on the site of a car wash.

Demolition work to knock down Qasim’s Hand Car Wash building was completed in spring 2022.