A BRADFORD man has spoken of what it was like to star on a reality TV show following a recent stint on a hit Channel 4 series.

Matt Hall appeared on Love Triangle - an explosive new dating show where singles date and choose between two interests.

Matt admitted that he went into the series slightly blinded, having not watched similar shows.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Matt was approached to do the show via InstagramMatt was approached to do the show via Instagram (Image: Newsquest)"We did not know what we had signed up for," he told the Telegraph & Argus.

"We thought we were just dating someone. It turned out there was another person in the mix."

Matt says he was approached by the show on Instagram after making several appearances on the now-defunct Leeds-based Steph's Packed Lunch.

As a single young lad who had not enjoyed much success on the dating app scene, he decided to give it a go, and was matched with 22-year-old teaching assistant Jasmine from Wiltshire.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: He admits to losing his temper during the showHe admits to losing his temper during the show (Image: Newsquest)"The two of us got on really well then halfway through we got the bombshell that I am moving out of where we are living and they are moving another guy in that is her type.

"Then the question was who will she choose."

It was when this revelation occurred that Matt lost his temper.

"I was fuming. I did not handle it well. I walked off," he said.

"I was really horrible to one of the producers. I regret it but it was just one of those heat-of-the-moment things.

"They asked me are you alright Matt? And I said no I am not f***ing alright but you got some great telly out of me so well done."

Unfortunately, it was the other guy, Jack, who Jasmine chose.

Reflecting on the show, Matt said: "I went into the dinner parties thinking this would be nice to meet the other couples.

"Within minutes, people are kicking over with each other and someone is snogging someone else's partner. I was like what on earth is everyone doing?

"Big personalities and big characters. It all seemed bizarre to me, I just went in being myself.

"I was genuinely trying to see if me and this girl could have something. I was looking for a relationship.

"Very quickly I found out not everybody was, apparently that makes good telly."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Matt is the man behind the podcast Success SchoolMatt is the man behind the podcast Success School (Image: Newsquest)The reaction since the show has been mostly positive with "80 per cent of people being lovely".

Matt added: "There was a lady at the service station who spoke to me and said 'Everyone needs a Matt, don't they'.

"The others are just bonkers - people tearing you apart and saying you are a wet lettuce."

When asked if he had any advice for Bradfordians thinking of entering the reality TV world, he quipped: "Don't do it (laughs)."

The Telegraph & Argus approached Channel 4 for a comment.