AN event celebrate Malawian culture was held in Bradford at the weekend.

The new Bradford Malawian Community launch was on Saturday, May 18, at St Stephen’s Church Hall in West Bowling.

People from West Yorkshire and beyond attended the event.

Stephen Ndovie said: "The launch was a big success. It brought people together from similar groups to build community association.

"Those invited also included health professionals, business people, West Yorkshire Police and charitable organisations such as Peace Makers International.

"Over 120 people turned up and the weather was great.

"The event was a joyful celebration of Malawian culture."

Mercy Katola said: "The food was delicious - Malawian local dish Nsima and chambo (tilapia) fish was served and we even had a BBQ outside.

"It was exciting to meet new people who support this venture, we played all kinds of games including a Malawian board game called bao also well known as mancala board game.

"We enjoyed traditional dances called Chimtali and Honara and the children also joined in.

"It was a very special day and we hope there will be more like these in the coming near future."