A Bradford man has told of the moment he saw a terrapin whilst walking along the canal.

Rhys Iwanczuk and his girlfriend Jade Howland were strolling near Apperley Bridge when they noticed the animal by the water.

A type of reptile, terrapins are a group of several species of small turtles. 

Rhys, who lives in Eccleshill, told the T&A: “We are animals lovers and always on the look out for them. 

“It was a big shock as we thought it was an ornament so went round for a closer look and it dived in the canal.”

Some types of terrapins are classed as an invasive non-native species in the UK.

Species like Yellow Bellied Sliders, Cumberland Sliders and Red Eared Sliders, all of the Genus Trachemys scripta, are banned from sale by law.

But some people still keep terrapins as exotic pets.

Some species of terrapin are present in the nation’s waterways.

Back in 2018, Sea Life Manchester warned flushed away pet terrapins were damaging pond life and waterfowl.

With aquariums reaching capacity, the centre’s bosses said terrapin owners were taking to putting the reptiles down the toilet to avoid being caught illegally releasing them into the wild.

EU invasive alien species regulations now prohibit aquariums from taking in pet terrapins or moving terrapin stock to other aquariums.