RESIDENTS of Baildon are “very concerned” about the impact of a proposed new retirement development, according to the town council.

A 47-apartment development by McCarthy Stone would be built on the former Ian Clough Hall site if a recently submitted application to Bradford Council is approved. 

But Baildon Town Council has now raised concerns about the plan, saying it would lead to a loss of vital parking spaces in the town centre.

They also pointed out a number of mistakes in the application, including the misspelling of Ian Clough Hall and a claim that a Manchester road will be “in walking distance” of the development.

The proposed development would include a 26-space car park.

But with Highways officers arguing that the flats would need at least 32 spaces, the application says six spaces from the neighbouring public car park will be allocated for McCarthy Stone residents to make up this shortfall.

The town council’s response to the application said: “Our primary issue to that 47 apartments are too many for this site and 26 on-site car park spaces will be insufficient for residents, visitors and staff.

“This development will result in the loss of a large number of well used car parking spaces in the village centre.

“Residents and businesses in Baildon are very concerned about the economic impact on the centre of such a change.

“Baildon Town Council strongly opposes the proposal in the application that this loss of parking is exacerbated further through the proposal to lease six spaces of the remaining reduced public parking provision.

“The council believes that the scale of the development is detrimental to the local economy unless steps are taken to reduce the projected car parking demand arising.

"This is most likely to be achieved by a small decrease in the number of units to be provided on this site.

“Maintaining adequate parking is vital in Baildon centre due to the topography (ie built on an extremely steep hill ) and demography of Baildon town as a whole (older than average age).”

It adds: “It is disappointing to note a series of typological and factual errors in the application which do nothing for the credibility of the application.

"The heritage statement has spelt Ian Clough Hall incorrectly on every page of the report (It refers to Ian Clouh Hall).

“The application describes the land where the development is to be built as previously ‘hotel and leisure.’ It was a council owned library.

“There is a reference to the bus services on ‘Bury New Road’ – this is in Manchester.”

The town council has asked for any decision on the application to be made by a planning panel at a public meeting rather than by planning officers.

A decision is expected next month.