POLICE officers who took to the West Yorkshire motorway network in a HGV detected 48 offences over four days.    

Officers from West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit used a specially adapted National Highways supercab to conduct patrols of the motorways from a special vantage point as part of Operation Tramline.  

The operation uncovered 16 seat belt offences, 13 mobile phone offences, 13 red light offences, two speeding offences and two driving without due care and attention.

Additionally, one vehicle was seized, one drink/drug drive arrest was made and 46 traffic offence reports were issued.

Sergeant Ryan Burt, of the Roads Policing Unit, said: “The elevated position of the cab allowed us to capture footage of some really poor and potentially dangerous driving and make some effective interventions.”  

“Once we identified and offence, the offending vehicle was intercepted by a marked police car, with the driver spoken to and dealt with.”  

Sgt Burt added: “We are involved in regular Operation Tramline activity throughout the year and repeatedly see drivers using their mobile phones or doing something in other ways which means they’re not in proper control of their vehicle.  

“A driver not having their full attention on the road can have devastating repercussions, and when a heavy goods vehicle is involved this can be even more catastrophic.”