A BRADFORD district MP has defended his right to take on another job - saying it does not impact on the service he provides to his constituents.

According to the latest register of MPs' interests, Sir Philip Davies (Shipley) has gained a new £500-an-hour job as a consultant for a company in the Merkur group.

It says he provides “strategic advice” to Merkur Gaming, earning £1,000 a month for two hours of work in that period from April 15.

It comes after Sir Philip was paid a total of £70,251.02 by GB News between January 2023-2024.

In response to the news, Labour candidate for Shipley Anna Dixon posted on X saying: "If elected as the next MP for Shipley, I will not have a second or third job.

"I will also support campaigns like @GambleWithLives to ensure that gambling addiction does not ruin more lives."

Sir Philip hit back by asking: "What impact does it have on anybody else? It is payment in my own time."

He added: "It does not impact on the service I provide to my constituents.

"My service is probably better than any other MP in the country."

Speaking about his new job, Sir Philip said: "The company has a shop in Shipley (Market Square) and Bradford (Ivegate).

"Are people saying gambling should be banned?

"I am playing my part in ensuring that those gambling are being responsible. Making sure people play the products as safely as possible."