BRADFORD people are being urged to make their voice heard and show “just how bad the rail facilities in our district are”.

Transport for the North, the sub-national body formed to transform the transport system across the North, says it wants to improve the accessibility in stations across its region.

Its survey is open to everyone in the North and asks people to give feedback on the level of accessibility they have experienced at a specific rail station.

“Rail users, and those who don’t currently use trains, are invited to comment on the accessibility of different aspects of the station environment, and on different stages of using a station (starting from arriving at a rail station, to boarding a train for their onward journey),” said a Transport for the North spokesperson.

They added: “If they wish, respondents can complete the survey multiple times to provide comments on multiple stations.

“It recognises the scale of change required in transport accessibility needed to unlock opportunity and reduce the number of people living in areas of the North with a high risk of social exclusion by one million people by 2050.

"Accessibility isn’t just about being able to physically get into a rail station. It’s also about being able to afford to travel on rail, being able to get to a rail station safely and comfortably, being able to move around the station easily, being able to access the required information when travelling, and feeling safe and comfortable while waiting for the train service, as well as onboard the train.”

Rail users in the Bradford district are currently faced with problems across the network and Councillor Matt Edwards, leader of the Green group on Bradford Council, is urging people to share their experiences.

He said: “I urge people from across Bradford District to take part in this survey and let Transport for the North know just how bad the rail facilities in our district are.

“Entrances to both the city's train stations are currently closed making access more difficult, especially for disabled passengers or people traveling with young children.

“On top of that, due to the issues at the bus station, Interchange railway station doesn't have any toilets, catering facilities or shops for passengers.

“Outside the city centre there are persistent problems at Shipley station due to lifts being turned off in the evening and the subway being flooded even after light rain.

He said Bradford was “already the most poorly-connected city in the country” and added that the problems of the last six months have not helped the situation.