THERE was excitement over the weekend as Hollywood A-list celebrity Pierce Brosnan filmed in the Bradford district. 

Brosnan was in Wrose as crews filmed on location at the top of picturesque Carr Lane.

Councillor Liz Rowe (Lab, Windhill and Wrose) told the T&A that Brosnan had filmed in Shipley town centre earlier in the morning before moving to Wrose where crews filmed throughout the afternoon until 7pm on Sunday. 

She said: “I thought it was very exciting that it was Pierce Brosnan. It was a really nice surprise for us.”

In a post on the Windhill and Wrose councillors' Facebook page, they said: "Hollywood A-lister Pierce Brosnan in Wrose today!!!

"We are over the moon that the meadow on Carr Lane was chosen as one of the locations to shoot some scenes for a film about the famous boxer Prince Naseem.

"The movie follows Naseem’s rags-to-riches story as he climbed the ranks to world champion with Brendan Ingle (Pierce) by his side.

"Apparently a gruelling two hours per day of prosthetic work so that he looked the part.”

Cllr Rowe explained that film crews for the movie Giant filmed scenes in two meadows at the top of Carr Lane because it has “stunning views of the city with an industrial revolution kind of feel”.

She said: “The crews took over the children’s centre on Snowden Road and the stars’ trailers were parked up on Gaisby Lane and Carr Lane.

“There must have been 30 or 40 members of the film crew there, including all the camera and sound people.

“There were hundreds of people there to watch but they had to be really quiet for the filming.

“We had to stand well back, so there were no opportunities for selfies.

“But it was really interesting to see Pierce Brosnan. He had a lot of prosthetic work done to make him look old and bald. He also was really skinny as he apparently had to lose a lot of weight for the part.

“It didn’t look anything like him. But he showed up in his tuxedo and he changed into a tracksuit.

“With the prosthetics on, it was extremely arduous because of the hot weather yesterday. He was messing around with his face and they had to do touch-ups.”

“It’s particularly nice for Wrose as there has been a lot of filming in other parts of Bradford, but it was nice to see something happening in Wrose because of its stunning panoramic views.”

Filming for Giant, which follows the story of Sheffield boxer Prince Naseem Hamed and his trainer Bernard Ingle, started in Leeds in April.

Cllr Rowe also said that crews recently filmed in Skipton and they will be in Knaresborough today.