A security officer from West Yorkshire couldn’t believe his luck after winning a £20,000 cash prize courtesy of online competition specialist BOTB.

Wasim Saleem, from Batley, received a surprise video call from BOTB (Best of the Best Plc) presenter Christian Williams who told him he was a Daily Draws Competition winner.

“I’ve never won anything before in my life and in this day and age with money being tight, it means an awful lot,” the 39-year-old said.

“I still can’t quite believe I’ve won and it feels like a dream. I might have to watch the video again of Christian surprising me to check it really happened.”

The father-of-four said he plans to spend his winnings on home refurbishments.

“My wife has been wanting a new kitchen for some time. If she’s happy, then I’m happy,” he said. “She has already been looking online for designer kitchens.

“If there’s any change left over, I will probably spend it on myself as I work hard and deserve it, but the family comes first.”

BOTB hands over the keys to a dream car each week as well as a lifestyle prize.