Almost 1,700 drivers were caught speeding during police checks along a single road in Pudsey.

Hough Side Road - where motorists are limited to 30mph - has become a key spot for speed checks by the West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership (WYCPP). 

The partnership uses a range of fixed ‘spot speed’, average speed and mobile safety cameras.

Cameras may be deployed with or without the use of speed camera warning signs.

It is hoped the action will prevent road casualties by promoting compliance with speed limits and traffic signals.

In the 15-month period between January 2023 and March 2024, the enforcement team conducted 56 checks along Hough Side Road in total.

In this time, 1,692 notices of intended prosecutions were sent. 

Eligible drivers may have accepted the option to pay and attend the speed awareness course. The course fee covers the cost of the course delivery and the cost of administration associated with camera operations undertaken by WYCPP.

Any operating surplus is reinvested in road safety activity by the West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership, police said.

West Yorkshire Police receives no additional proceeds from course referrals beyond cost recovery undertaken in accordance with the national cost recovery arrangements.

The information was revealed in a Freedom of Information Request sent by the Telegraph & Argus.