A BRADFORD MP is calling for the sound of fireworks to be quietened to the equivalent of a hair dryer.

Judith Cummins MP (Bradford South, Labour) introduced the bill which, if approved, would reduce the legal noise limits of fireworks available to the public.

Currently, the public can buy fireworks with a legal limit set at 120 decibels – equivalent to the sound emitted by a pneumatic drill or a chainsaw.

Ms Cummins is calling for this to be reduced to 90 decibels – equivalent to the sound emitted by a telephone ringing.

Presenting the Bill, the politician spoke about the impact of loud fireworks on numerous residents within the Bradford South area.

She told Parliament: “One constituent described to me how the fireworks are literally window-pane shaking, four times a week, week after a week.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Judith Cummins MP, picturedJudith Cummins MP, pictured

“Another spoke of local ex-servicemen, suffering from PTSD, who are constantly affected by loud, explosive, fireworks.”

The proposed bill would not affect fireworks used in public displays or those conducted by those with specialist knowledge. 

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Judith said: “The Bill holds the power to protect people from disturbance, without impacting the experiences of those who use fireworks responsibly.”

The RSPCA is supporting the MP’s Bill, arguing measures like this prioritise the safety and well-being of animals and vulnerable people.

Ms Cummins said: “One person spoke to me about a family member’s dog, who had died recently of a suspected heart attack as it lay quivering under his bed, terrified of fireworks.

“It is absolutely vital that animals and pets are considered alongside human needs.”

Speaking after introducing the Bill into parliament, Ms Cummins said: “The Government must take notice of people’s concerns about nuisance fireworks.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“Whilst fireworks are a great source of fun, they can cause misery for so many people.

“My Bill only makes a start in tackling this issue. I encourage anyone concerned about noisy fireworks to sign my petition to the Government, which is live on my website.”

People can sign the MP's online petition by visiting https://forms.wix.com/f/7147890828638159366

The Government's stance on fireworks laws

In 2022, Labour MP Imran Hussain wrote to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove MP, about the issue of fireworks. 

He urged the Government to consult on the maximum decibel level of fireworks, look at restricting the sale of fireworks, and grant local councils stronger licensing powers around their use and sale.

The Minister for Enterprise, Markets, and Small Business responded to say the current powers both Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police have were sufficient.

Kevin Hollinrake MP wrote in response: “The Government endorses the considerate use of fireworks. The majority of individuals who use fireworks do so in a responsible and safe manner and there are enforcement mechanisms in place to tackle situations when fireworks are misused.

“Existing legislation controls the sale, availability and use of fireworks. For example, there is an 11pm curfew in place for their use, with exceptions only for November 5, Diwali, New Year’s Eve and the Chinese New Year.”