TELEGRAPH & Argus readers have been sharing their own experiences of travelling on the new city centre route for buses.

Sunday saw the introduction of a new public transport loop and the closure of roads including Hall Ings and Market Street to traffic.

It means bus users have to use alternative stops which have appeared on Well Street, Vicar Lane, Bridge Street, and Nelson Street.

The T&A has been inundated by readers' responses with a Facebook post on the subject attracting more than 600 comments.

The changes left Andrea Middleton furious as her child struggled to get to where they needed to be.

She said: "My daughter and her friend have just waited an hour in Bradford for a bus to go up Legrams Lane, that was after the bus they went into Bradford on was late, once they eventually found the stop for the Clayton bus it never even showed up.

Andrea added: "They were soaked and frozen cold after trying to get the buses. An absolute joke."

Linda Prime, 70, was left confused trying to get her bus home to Holme Wood and branded the situation "shambolic". 

She recalled: "In town today, shambles is an understatement."

On Monday, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) which oversees the bus operation in the city, said it has provided information to the public and is looking to "minimise disruption wherever possible".

Charlotte Siddle was more positive, adding: "It’s just a change - people will adapt to it."

Adam Jennings added: "They have been advising and posting about bus route changes for nearly a year.

"The new map has been available to people for nearly two months and signs on the stops let people know where their new stops are for buses. It's not rocket science."

However, Andrew Pinfield was adamant that he wouldn't be visiting the city anytime soon.

He said: "I have made up my mind I won't be going into Bradford in the near future I will be going to Halifax."

Kirby Elizabeth Sowden said: "I managed to get my bus but it was a bit of a shambles with people all over Nelson Street and too many buses stopping at once."

Dot Swain added: "I went on the bus (and) came back on the train. Absolute shambles!"

Claire McCausland added: "Roadworks and a new system have so many people confused including myself trying to navigate travelling today."

What has WYCA said?

“We recognise that city centre construction works, alongside the closure of the Interchange bus station, are challenging for people in Bradford. 

“This is a big change to the city’s bus network — we’re working closely with our partners to minimise disruption wherever possible and will continue to respond to feedback.

“We’ve provided information to the public to make them aware of the changes, and staff from the Combined Authority, the council and bus operators are on hand in the city centre to assist passengers.”