BRADFORD 2025 will be a celebration of Bradford, its culture and its people - right here, right now.

From artists to businesses, schools to community groups, we’re inviting people from across the Bradford district to help us celebrate our year as UK City of Culture, and we need your help.

This month we launched an online portal where anyone over the age of 18 can register to join our brilliant Volunteering team.

Our Bradford 2025 Volunteers will represent the district, join us on our journey to spotlight everything Bradford has to offer and help us deliver an unforgettable 12 months of culture. They will be at the centre of all the action, meeting and greeting, and helping deliver the events that will make our year as UK City of Culture one to remember.

This week, we caught up with Melba, a Clayton resident and one of our current volunteers, to find out why volunteering with Bradford 2025 is important to her, and why others should get involved.

Says Melba: “I am from Bradford, I love Bradford and I think our city deserves its moment, which is everything that Bradford 2025 is working towards.

“Bradford 2025 asked me to talk about why I wanted to volunteer and, well, it’s because I believe that our city has so much potential, and so much to offer, that I just had to be involved.

“I enquired about volunteering with Bradford 2025 after seeing an advert in a newsletter that I subscribe to. I wanted to see what they were all about and if they were just as passionate about the city as I am - turns out they were! Once I’d met the team and understood what they were trying to achieve, I was inspired. I thought ‘Yes!’ This is a perfect fit for me.

“Bradford is so much more than what people think and I am excited to be part of changing those perceptions and showing the world the true heart and soul of the city. I want to contribute to our great city and be part of the change. Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture is going to help me do that.

“The Volunteering team have been very welcoming and kind to me. When I first got involved, I was invited to an induction where I met the team and they spoke to me and other volunteers about what the role would entail and what we could expect from our year as UK City of Culture in 2025. I have also attended Volunteer social events, where I have met some like-minded people from all over the district.

“In March I attended an event where Bradford 2025 announced what was coming up in 2024, which included the news that Bradford’s very own Zayn Malik is going to be their brand ambassador. The atmosphere was electric! I felt so proud of everyone’s hard work and the other volunteers, and I felt so special to be able to be involved in something that is going to be amazing for our city.

“I have already volunteered at some of Bradford 2025’s events including BDisLit and the Bradford 2025 brand launch event. I was also recently involved in a really fun photoshoot with other volunteers, artists and members of staff.

“I feel so involved and included in the Bradford 2025 journey - it’s lovely! I’ve met so many brilliant people already and we’ve only just begun.”

As well as being involved with events, Bradford 2025 has committed to training volunteers in areas such as Customer Service, Sight Assisted Guidance and First Aid. Training like this will be beneficial for future development, further education and even employment.

We are the people of Bradford, and it is our time to shine and support our city. If you’re reading this right now, you have skills to contribute that you may not even realise you have. We need people from all over our beautiful district to get involved, help out and bring their expertise to the table. I really believe that Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture is going to be a historic moment for us all.

Get involved and join the fun!”

* If you want to find out more about Bradford 2025’s Volunteering programme, or if you’re ready to sign up, visit our website:

Bradford 2025’s Volunteering programme is funded by the London 2012 legacy funder, Spirit of 2012.