AW Hainsworth, a fabric manufacturer and woollen mill in Pudsey, has achieved Zero to Landfill status through recycling and waste reduction.

The 240-year-old heritage textile mill, which creates woollen cloth, textiles and fabrics for customers worldwide, tracked and measured its waste to develop a plan to reduce it to zero.

AW Hainsworth partnered with Reconomy, a circular waste management, to reach this goal.

The manufacturer has invested in better machinery to manage on-site waste, installing energy-efficient plastic and cardboard balers, each sent to recycling.

AW Hainsworth has also ensured the recycling process is simple, with improved signage throughout the mill and employee waste management education.

During the past year, the textile producer has completed several projects to help reach its sustainability goals, increase operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption and waste.

A key example is using undyed yarns in partnership with some aviation customers to create sustainable seating and vertical surface fabrics. Using 100 per cent undyed wool reduces energy, water and waste effluent in manufacturing. 

Amanda McLaren, managing director of AW Hainsworth, said: “As manufacturers, we know that our processes can result in high emissions.

“We continuously monitor our energy and water use and remain conscious of ways we can limit waste while continuing to operate efficiently and effectively.

“We also regularly review our manufacturing processes and their impact to identify areas for improvement.”