A FORMER top Labour councillor has been unveiled as the Green Party’s candidate for Keighley West in the upcoming Local Elections.

Adrian Farley was the councillor for Keighley West from to 2012 to 2021, and sat on the Council’s Executive where he oversaw Children’s Services.

He will be standing as the Green Party candidate for the ward in the local elections due to take place on May 2.

Mr Farley said: “I am delighted to be representing the Green Party in the upcoming elections.

“I have been a member of the Labour Party for a long time but I have found the party moving further and further away from the party I first joined.

“Locally, Labour is not delivering for Keighley and nationally all Keir Starmer has to offer is the same disastrous policies of the current Conservative government.”

Councillor Matt Edwards, the Leader of the Green Party group of councillors on Bradford Council said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome Adrian to the Green Party. He brings with him an exceptional amount of experience and a real passion to represent Keighley West, the area he grew up.”

The Green Party currently has eight councillors in three wards.