If you want to create a social media presence that provides opportunities for income, buying Instagram comments from these top 6 sites is a wise investment.

There is no denying that Instagram is one of the most important tools for social media marketers, small businesses, and aspiring influencers. As well as having over 30 million users in the UK alone, Instagram has more than 1 billion users across the world. As such, it’s one of the best places to be if you are trying to boost your online presence and make money from your Instagram account.

Of course, in order to earn that Instagram money, you need to have a following and you must be able to engage the interest of those users. You have to know how to make great content, but also understand the nature of the Instagram algorithm and how it works.

In a rush? This article goes into the nitty-gritty down below, but here’s the essence of what you need to know: buying real Instagram comments from these top companies can help give you the edge you need to thrive on Instagram:

  1. Twicsy
  2. Buzzoid
  3. Rushmax
  4. BuzzMaven Agency
  5. The Social Co.
  6. ViralVerse Marketing

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

If you have been researching how to grow your account on Instagram, you will no doubt have seen lots of conflicting information. Traditional growth advice for Instagram states that you should:

  • Upload content consistently
  • Create value for your followers
  • Use appropriate hashtags
  • Interact with accounts within your niche

For example, if you want to be a beauty influencer, you should develop content that gives people actionable tips, post regularly, use beauty and skincare related hashtags, and connect with other beauty accounts.

This is, supposedly, the magic formula - and it does work in some ways. If you do all this, you will be more likely to see growth and engagement, but there is also an element of luck, thanks to the algorithm.

You see, the algorithm is constantly trying to increase the amount of time users spend in-app. This means that large accounts with many followers and lots of engagement are going to receive Instagram’s priority.

As a result, organic growth is usually slowest when you need it most: as a small account. If you buy Instagram comments, you can overcome this bias and boost your engagement rate. In order to get good results, however, you need to work with the right companies.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Comments?

So, is it safe to buy Instagram comments? It can be, but you have to be discerning about who you work with. If you select a company that uses low-quality bot accounts to provide generic comments en masse, your account may get suspended or terminated. However, if you work with a company that provides quality comments from active accounts, the risk is far lower - though you still have to be careful about how many comments or followers you buy, as a sudden influx of comments or followers can be flagged as suspicious.

The more pressing risk is that you might buy a service from a company that is fraudulent. There are brands that use these services as a front to steal information or money, so if you see a company offering to sell comments, but they ask for your Instagram login information or need you to pay by direct bank transfer, avoid them!

When you work with reputable companies, however, you will see a positive change in your Instagram following and engagement metrics. In fact, it could actually prompt organic growth in the long-term.

The 6 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments From

If you are serious about boosting your Instagram account and you want to buy high-quality Instagram comments that will actually improve your engagement in the months after you make a purchase, these 6 companies are the best:


There’s a very good reason that Instagram is at the top of this list. They are experts with a great reputation and many happy customer reviews to prove that they deliver exactly what they offer. Twicsy is security conscious, will never ask for your Instagram login details, and accepts multiple, secure methods of payment.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Most importantly, they only use high quality, authentic Instagram accounts that are active to provide the comments you’ll buy. This is important, because it means that these accounts will offer genuine benefit to your engagement rates, as they do not look or behave suspiciously.

In short, Twicsy comments and followers look like organic growth, and so they will not flag the Instagram algorithm or make potential followers believe that you have paid for these newcomers.

Better yet, they make it very easy to place an order. The checkout process is highly intuitive and secure; Twicsy will not store your personal data or financial details. This ensures that you get the best possible results from your order, without being indelibly linked to it in the long term. Finally, Twicsy has a 24/7 customer support team that is on-hand to provide support and guidance as needed, so if you feel confused about any of their services, they’re happy to help.


Many people have concerns around security when it comes to buying Instagram comments. Buzzoid is the ideal brand to work with if you are highly security conscious; they store all information their customers provide on temporary servers that are regularly wiped, and they will never ask for your Instagram login information.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Like Twicsy and Rushmax, Buzzoid only works with the highest quality accounts to provide targeted and organic comments that will address your content directly. This has many benefits, most obviously the boost to your engagement rates in a way that will provide longer term growth.

Buzzoid has a range of services that you can tailor to suit your needs. As such, this brand is best suited for small to medium businesses and influencers who already have a modest following and a good understanding of the Instagram app. If you don’t need guidance, they should be at the top of your list, but if you want more help and support, other options like Twicsy may be better for you.


If you are a serious Instagrammer who is looking for a quick, secure, and easy way to buy Instagram comments and interactions, Rushmax is the right company for you. This is a slightly less supportive service, however, so if you are an Instagram newbie looking for support, it is better to opt for Twicsy.

If you already know what you need, however, Rushmax will provide you with exactly what you ask for - quickly and efficiently. Rushmax also works with authentic and active Instagram accounts to provide organic, tailored comments that will boost your account’s performance and encourage long-term, natural growth after your order.

Rushmax will never ask you to share personal data in order to complete your order; all you need is to select a secure payment form. The nature of this service makes it ideal for people who know what they need and don’t want additional help.

BuzzMaven Agency 

Are you a small business owner looking for help to create a social media growth plan, one that will help you to reach your goals? If so, BuzzMaven Agency is very worth consideration; they have an experienced team that can give you support and information about their services and how best to use them. However, keep in mind that they are a busy company. Their team will reply and provide help, but they can be slow to respond.

The Instagram accounts that BuzzMaven Agency uses to fulfil engagement and follower orders are high-quality, active, and authentic. This ensures that you get the greatest possible benefit from every single order. However, because they offer a bespoke, business centred service, BuzzMaven Agency will ask for more information than some of the other companies on this list.

The Social Co.

The Social Co. specialises in working with brands and aspiring influencers to create waves and help them gain followers that will boost their presence. Their services are pretty cookie-cutter in nature, so it’s important to start small to avoid triggering a suspension or ban. However, they work with active and real Instagram accounts to ensure that the comments they provide are of the highest quality.

Their customer service team is incredibly knowledgeable, but very small, so their responses can take time. Keep that in mind to avoid frustration when you reach out to them.

ViralVerse Marketing

Are you determined to have a post go viral? If so, ViralVerse Marketing is here to help. Tailored, engagement-boosting comments from active Instagram accounts are what they specialise in. They do store information, but do so securely on encrypted servers that are wiped on a regular basis, so you don’t need to worry about data breaches.

Their packages are varied and affordable, but their delivery can be a little slow, so don’t worry if your order doesn’t begin to come through immediately after you pay. You should begin to see results within a few hours.

Why Trust Our Picks?

We are social media lovers who know how hard it can be to grow as a small account. We also understand the risks associated with buying Instagram comments or followers. That’s why we consider the quality of the comments a brand provides, as well as their security protocols and overall reputation. In short, you can trust our picks because we only recommend companies that we would work with ourselves!