A MOTORIST who was involved in a road accident at a roundabout in Bradford was forced to leave the city with his family after being subjected to terrifying threats and an assault in the aftermath of the collision.

The man said he felt that he had no choice but to relocate to a new area with his wife and children and prosecutor David McGonigal said the offending had had a devastating impact on the family.

In his victim impact statement read out by Mr McGonigal, the man said it was like “living a nightmare” and he felt scared for his life and his family’s safety.

In September last year the complainant had been involved in a collision with another vehicle near his Bradford home and police attended the scene.

Later that afternoon Kesser Khalil and three other men turned up at his home in a Volkswagen Tiguan and claimed the complainant was responsible for the collision and he would have to pay for the damage to his relative’s car.

Khalil made various threats and said they would “come during the night and kill him” if he didn’t pay up.

That incident was also reported to the police and the complainant moved his wife and children to another address.

In his victim impact statement, the man described how he had barely slept and even put heavy items up against the door at night to stop anyone getting into his home.

Five days later Khalil, of no fixed abode, was involved in an apparent road-rage incident near Baildon when he was driving a Mini Cooper extremely close to an innocent motorist.

Mr McGonigal described how Khalil, 28, stopped his car on a zebra crossing blocking the other driver’s path, and then got out and assaulted his victim.

The motorist was punched by Khalil and suffered facial injuries including a fracture to his right eye socket.

Just hours after that attack Khalil and others again went to the home of the first complainant and he was punched and kicked by members of the group as he tried to protect himself.

The complainant said that assault lasted about five minutes and the men told him they would be back later with 20 to 30 people if he did not pay some money.

Mr McGonigal said the complainant decided he had no choice but to leave the city to protect himself and his family.

Khalil, who had previous convictions for violent offences but had never served a prison sentence, admitted various offences including inflicting grievous bodily harm, making threats to kill, common assault, and racially aggravated fear of violence.

Barrister Gerald Hendron, for Khalil, said the offending took place at a time when his client wasn’t taking his medication for PTSD and possible depression.

He said Khalil had expressed genuine remorse and as a result of his offending he had lost his accommodation.

Jailing Khalil for a total of three years and three months Judge Jonathan Gibson said the offences had had a very significant impact on both of the complainants.

The judge imposed a 10-year restraining order to protect the complainants and also banned Khalil from driving again for the next 31 months.