A DECISION on whether major changes can be made to Shipley’s Market Square will be made tomorrow.

Earlier this year plans to rejuvenate the town's tired market area were revealed by Bradford Council.

The scheme, funded by the Government’s Towns Fund and West Yorkshire Combined Authority, would see existing fixed market stalls removed and replaced with a greener public square.

A canopy would be set up in the middle of this square, with temporary stalls replacing the permanent structures.

Bradford Council’s Keighley and Shipley Planning Panel will decide whether to approve the plans at a meeting on Wednesday morning.

A report to the panel says the existing market stalls are “clearly in a poor state of repair".

Shipley Town Council has raised concerns about the planned canopy, saying it could “present opportunities for antisocial behaviour through providing shelter and attracting climbing". 

They added: “Without adequate maintenance it could potentially become a detracting feature in such a prominent location in the centre of town.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Fixed stalls at Shipley MarketFixed stalls at Shipley Market (Image: T&A)

The report reveals there had been one letter of support from a local business saying the change “is what Shipley needs” and a letter of objection, saying the money should be spent on providing new shop fronts for other businesses in the town.

Recommending the plans for approval, the report says: “The proposals will enhance the attractiveness of the Market Square by improving the landscaping, accessibility, paving, cycle parking, EV charging, seating, play trail, market stall area with new canopy and other related facilities, making it a more flexible space for events to attract visitors to the town centre.

“This regeneration project should benefit the wider area.”